The Balance of Life

The balance of life

In Chinese medicine, we say that everything is connected and affects each other – Yin and Yang. We talk about this at the organ level, and we talk about how the elements around us depend on the balance being maintained. There will be no day without night.

When we end up in imbalance, it will drain energy from somewhere in us, and have a ripple effect on the next link. Imagine a circle of five links, where the first circle does not have a surplus that it can provide to feed the next circle. Then that link will not be able to feed its next circle either. When this happens, the balance is broken. In one place a reaction will occur, and that is only natural. For example, where is the sore neck you have gotten in stressful times located? Yes, as the closest neighbor to your head.

So how do we get back to having good balance? If I had the answer to that, I would have gladly given them to you. But I do not. Balance does not have to mean perfection in any way. Neither externally nor internally. But just enough balance for everything in our body to function optimally. Optimal for your body. For your body is as individual as you, and therefore the solution will also be individual. For some people it helps to be able to talk about their feelings, some need help to relieve other symptoms that occur as a result of the balance being broken, and some may need guidance on ways to deal with and correct the imbalances. Common to them all is that something must be done, and the first step is to try something that can help you along the way.

It may take time. When imbalance has occurred and become chronic, the solution is not a quick fix. It is not easy to find new ways to correct an imbalance that has arisen in the body. A recipe you used before may not be correct right now. After all, you have added new ingredients; time, experiences, traumas, patterns and habits.

So start small. One step at a time. Do not try everything at once. A stew belongs on the dinner plate, not in your treatment. Try something you truly believe will help you get back in balance. Remember to breathe along the way, and get a feeling for what is good.

Cesilie Sandvold


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