About Us

Zpikes is a Norwegian company. We produce functional and innovative products for those who are seeking a natural solution to an easier everyday life and better health. We increase awareness of the body’s unique potential and create products designed to achieve just that. We will show the world products that are innovative, futuristic, trendy and technological. Zpikes will become an international symbol for health awareness.

Team Zpikes wants to promote a focus on mental and physical health. We recommend an active and healthy lifestyle for an increased quality of life. It is the long-term changes that provide returns and effects. Get ready to experience Zpikes´ unique products as a natural help along the way!

Team Zpikes

Marius Enerhaugen

CEO, founder and head of creativity

Erik R. Kløvstad

Physiotherapist, product developer and copywriter

Anders Ellingsberg

Head of economics and logistics

Kristoffer Nygård

Head of production