Good Things to Know About Posture and Lifting Technique

We have all been told that we must straighten our back and be careful about having a correct posture. And we should definitely not lift with a curved back, because it’s really dangerous… Nonsense! Forget about it. Poor posture does not create problems and it is certainly not dangerous to lift heavy with your back! The only thing this type of information gives us is the fear of moving freely and naturally. When it comes to posture, I do not say that you shouldn’t care at all and look like a half-full sack of potatoes, but there is always a golden middle way.


Fear of movement

Fear of movement is real and you most likely have some form of it. What you need to know is that our backs and bodies are created for movement and strain. Our back is designed in a way that makes it extremely resilient with, among other things, several layers of muscles and ligaments. Change the tires on your car, work in your garden and get out into the woods and nature. This is perfect for both your body and soul! Use your back regularly, through movement and load! In this way, you prepare your back and body for everything from various activities to heavy lifting and stress. It is often the excessive and unfamiliar movements in excessive doses that are the root too many problems.


Use your back in a natural way!

Several attempts have been made to find a connection between different posture patterns and the incidence of pain. No clear connection has been found. The same applies to lifting techniques. How far you lift with your back or legs does not matter. What matters is that you lift in a way that feels good and is natural to you. No matter what technique you choose, there is little to suggest that you should get back pain! What you shouldn’t do is think that the way you lift, or that lifting at all, is dangerous to you and your back. We are all constructed differently and it is therefore natural that we move differently.


Back pain is normal

For those of you who struggle with back pain, be patient, control the load and know that your back gets a little stronger every time you load it. Somewhere between 60-80 percent of us will experience back pain during life, and as many as 45 percent have one or more episodes of back pain in a year. The lack of knowledge about pain, poor sleep, stress and other lifestyle-related factors can affect the incidence of back pain. If you are anxious, insecure or unsure of your own pain, I recommend that you contact a physiotherapist or other therapists who can help you in the right direction.



Do not let anyone tell you that the way you move or the way you lift is wrong. There is no right or wrong. There may be more or less optimal, but not right and wrong. The most important thing you do for your body is to trust it and move the way you were created to move. Stay active, move freely and seek advice from someone with expertise if you are unsure. The key is variety, as with everything else in life.

Erik R. Kløvstad